Overview of Assets

SOGH holds licences for one oil field (Borkmosskoye) and one licences for prospective resources (Tokarevski).

In December 2011 SOGH acquired KRT-OilGasTrans and as the result acquired 4 oil fields and two license areas in Perm region. None of the fields were producing in 2013. Borkmosskoye oil field has 3 wells in conservation on the field. Fedortsevskoye oil field is located in the Northern part of the Perm region and there are 3 wells in conservation on the field, one of which as acquired by the Group in 2013. Kulighinskoye oil field has 6 wells in conservation.

Komarikhinskoye oil and gas field was acquired by OOO Selena-Perm in Q1 2011 in the course of a public auction.

Tokarevskiy licence area requires further geological research. Tayozhniy licence area has proved gas reserves according to DeGolyer and MacNaughton preliminary audit, however these reserves have not yet been put to the state balance.

After the acquisition of OOO Georesurs, the Group holds the exploration licences for Chikalinksi block.

In 2015 the company decided to enter into a major off take agreement designed to finance an expansion of production. Following a series of stratographical shortcommings in opened wells, such a major pressure anomaly and awell with high sulphur rates, the management had to realize that the expansion program had failed to deliver expected results in terms of increased oil production.

Ulitmately the down-turn in oil-prices in 2015 and 2016 caused the Companys burden of unserviced debt, the management to initiate a process to sell mineral assets.    

The AGM 2017 decided to divest three producing oil fields and one exploratory field.