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Reprobation of decision made at the Annual General Meeting on June 25th 2014


The CEO and the Board of Directors of Selena Oil & Gas Holding AB (publ) have received a petition on a reprobation of an outright decision made at the Company´s Annual General Meeting, held on June 25st 2014. The petition has been filed with the district court of Stockholm (Stockholms Tingsrätt).

The petition has been filed by a shareholder in Selena Oil & Gas Holding AB (publ) and is directed to a challenge an outright resolution made by the AGM in June, mandating the Board of Directors to decide on, and execute emissions of new shares, until the next AGM.

 It is the Board of Directors opinion that the petition is unfounded.


For further information, please contact:

Magnus Stuart, CEO

+46 706 211 350


Selena Oil & Gas Holding AB (Publ) (former Emitor Holding AB) is engaged in the exploration, and production of oil and gas in the Volga-Ural region in the Russian Federation, around Perm. The Company´s shares are temporarily not publicly listed, but the Company observes all rules, practices and policies for any company subject to public listing. Selena Oil & Gas Holding AB are in process of seeking for a new listing. Mangold Fondkommission serves as before as the company´s Adviser on public information.

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